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A Report on Killing of 27 Inmates of the Welikada Prison, Colombo in Nov. 2012

By Committee For Protecting Rights Of Prisoners.

  1. Introduction & summary

In November 2012, 27 inmates at the Welikada Prison, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, were reported as killed by the Army and the Special Task Force (STF) following what was reported as a search operation leading to a riot. 43 persons have also been reported as injured. Based on testimony of eyewitnesses, the Commissioner General of Prisons was seen inside the prison in the morning of 10th November (after midnight on 9th November) and thus, it is believed that he is aware of names of the Army officers present inside the prison during the massacre.

According to two available Inquirer’s Certificates of Deaths, cause of death is due to shooting. However, one indicated that shooting was from afar, while eyewitnesses affirmed that all victims were shot at close range. There were various investigations announced by the present and previous governments as well as the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. But none of the reports have been published. Todate, no individual has been indicted.

After the new government came into power on 8th January 2015, families of those killed witnesses and concerned lawyers and activists raised the profile of the campaign, with protests and press conferences demanding the publication of reports, relief for victim’s families and justice. Witnesses and campaigners gave interviews to media and made fresh police complaints and appeals to the President and the Prime Minister. This resulted in a fresh wave of threats, surveillance, intimidation and discrediting. Despite complaints and appeals seeking protection and bring those responsible to justice, nothing has happened.

Read the full report:Welikada Prison massacre report-final-20June2016


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