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15780 persons have disappeared under the Rajapakse regime

According to the report of the Red Cross Organization , the number of persons gone missing under the Rajapakse Government until 2011, is over 15000.Among those 15780 persons who went missing , the majority are males , while 1494 children and 754 females , based on these reports.

Jacob Kalanberger, the chief of the International Red Cross Organization based in Geneva Headquarters , revealed this report . There are no definite information in regard to the thousands and thousands of persons who have gone missing in SL, and the relatives are at a loss to search for them , as there whereabouts are unknown . Besides , the efforts made to trace them until end 2011 had been unsuccessful, the latest report of the Red Cross Organization states with regret.

The Red Cross Organization also adds that nearly three lakhs persons in the north during the final phase of the war had been displaced . At that juncture when they were trying to cross over from the war zone , no room was allowed to provide aid , neither was assistance rendered to them , the chief of the Int. Red Cross bemoaned.


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