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14 Heads of Mission to Sri Lanka “urge the GOSL to join in vocal support for Ukraine & international law, including the UN Charter”

International Support for Ukraine and Condemnation of Russian Aggression; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is unacceptable

COLOMBO, 18 March 2022─We condemn in the strongest possible terms Russia’s unprovoked, unjust and illegal invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign and democratic state. This outrageous attack is a gross violation of international law, including the UN charter.

The world has watched in horror as Russia’s war on Ukraine has caused a catastrophic humanitarian toll. Russia has dramatically escalated its attacks on civilian neighbourhoods and infrastructure, leading to large numbers of civilian casualties. Millions of ordinary civilians – mainly women, children and older persons – have been forced to flee from their homes into neighbouring countries as refugees, making it the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the last 70 years.

Russia’s invasion is an unprovoked and unlawful attack on a peaceful country. Russia threatens the fundamental principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that underpin peace and security around the world. We give our full backing to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ statement that

“The UN Charter has been challenged in the past, but it has stood firm on the side of peace, security, development, justice, international law, and human rights.  The international community must do everything in its power so that these values prevail in Ukraine and for all humanity.”

Russia is isolated in the face of overwhelming support for Ukraine.

We stand united in condemnation of the Russian government’s attacks on Ukraine.  In the UN General Assembly on 2 March, 141 countries – an overwhelming majority – voted to condemn Russia’s invasion. This demonstrates Russia’s utmost isolation from the international community. Countries supporting Ukraine have imposed an unprecedented package of targeted sanctions to inflict heavy cost on Russia. These aim to degrade Russia’s capacity to pursue its attacks against Ukraine, and to press Russia to withdraw from hostilities.  We have seen organisations from banks to oil companies, to football leagues, make it clear that Putin’s actions have consequences and his regime can no longer be part of the international community.

Friends and allies of Ukraine have committed significant levels of economic and humanitarian assistance with many countries opening their boarders to Ukrainian families fleeing the war.

Russia is promoting false narratives as a pretext for invasion.

The Russian government has conducted an aggressive disinformation campaign against Ukraine in a spurious attempt to justify its invasion. There is no justification for Russia’s campaign to subvert its democratic neighbours. Russia falsely accuses NATO of provocation. NATO is, and always has been, a defensive alliance, and poses no threat to Russia.  

Calling on Sri Lanka to join in active support for Ukraine and international peace and security

As Heads of Mission to Sri Lanka, we urge the Government of Sri Lanka to join us in vocal support for Ukraine and international law, including the UN Charter. We urge Sri Lanka to join us in calling on Russia to end its hostilities immediately.

We will work together with our friends and allies around the world to ensure that the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine is restored. We stand with Ukraine; and for freedom, democracy, and the sovereignty of nations around the world.

Signed by the following Ambassadors and High Commissioners to Sri Lanka (in alphabetical order of missions):

H.E. Mr David Holly, High Commissioner of Australia

H.E. Mr. David Mckinnon, High Commissioner of Canada

H.E. Mr. Denis Chaibi, Head of Delegation of the European Union

H.E. Mr. Eric Lavertu, Ambassador of France

H.E. Mr. Holger Seubert, Ambassador of Germany

H.E. Ms. Rita Giuliana Mannella, Ambassador of Italy

H.E. Ms. Tanja Gonggrijp, Ambassador of the Netherlands

H.E. Mr. Michael Appleton, High Commissioner of New Zealand

H.E. Ms. Trine Jøranli Eskedal, Ambassador of Norway

H.E. Mr. Mizukoshi Hideaki, Ambassador of Japan

H.E. Mr Victor Chiujdea, Ambassador of Romania

H.E. Dr. Dominik Furgler, Ambassador of Switzerland

H.E. Ms. Sarah Hulton, High Commissioner of the United Kingdom

H.E. Ms. Julie J. Chung, Ambassador of the United States of America


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