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  • TNA submits memo to Manmohan

    By Kelum Bandara The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has with the help of some Lok Sabha members had submitted a memorandum to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh requesting him to prevail upon the Sri Lankan government to remove the military camps in the North, TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said today. He said the TNA delegation, […]

  • Subramanian Swamy willing to visit Lanka to ensure solution

    India’s Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy has said that he was willing to visit Sri Lanka to ensure a solution for the Tamils if MDMK general secretary Vaiko and Naam Thamizhar Iyakkam leader Seeman admitted that their efforts had failed.“I would have met the Sri Lankan President and demanded a few changes to the Constitution,” […]

  • ‘Nothing short of equitable rights to Tamils will do’

    Leader of the Tamil National Alliance and veteran MP R. Sampanthan expresses his concerns on devolution, emergency laws and the Indian role, maintaining that no ultimatum was issued to the government on the ongoing talks or a decision to terminate talks taken. ‘All we ask is that before the next round of talks, there be […]

  • Tissa, Dew, Vasu for devolution

    The combined Socialist Alliance (SA) yesterday strongly supported the appointment of a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) as a means of finding a lasting solution to the North-East conflict and said the All Party Representative Committee (APRC) report could be used as a launching pad to start talks.Lanka Sama Samasamaja Party leader and Senior Minister Tissa […]

  • TNA thinks of ‘alternative ways’

    “For six months we continued with talks, engaging the Government of Sri Lanka. But, there was no constructive outcome. The Tamil National Alliance cannot just keep continuing without any results, just for the sake of ‘engaging’ and ‘continuing’ the talks giving room for Sri Lanka to project an impression to the outside world that it […]

  • PSC coming, but for national unity

    Instead of Tamil grievances alone, committee will have broader mandate Sunday Times Political Editor Contrary to earlier expectations of a Parliamentary Select Committee to address Tamil grievances, the Government will now appoint one “to recommend and report political and constitutional measures to empower the people of Sri Lanka as one nation.”Thirteen Cabinet Ministers are among […]

  • CPA survey shows remarkable congruity between Sinhalese and Tamils on key issues

    ”Significantly, the statistics show a remarkable degree of congruence between Sinhalese and Tamils on key issues, and a surprisingly positive opinion being held by a fairly large percentage of Tamils on the most contentious and polarising issues. ” Dayan Jayatilleka“Seek truth from facts” (Deng Xiaoping) There is an extensive survey of public opinion, the results […]

  • Democracy in post-war Sri Lanka

    17 August 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka: According to a new survey conducted by Social Indicator, the survey research unit of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, Sri Lankans are divided in opinion on the topic of reconciliation – about whether the government has done enough with regard to addressing the root causes of the conflict. The […]

  • Tamil parties invited to Delhi

     T.VivekarasaSeven Tamil political parties based in the north and east were invited to New Delhi to participate at a conference by an Indian Parliamentarian Forum called the Parliamentarian Forum on Human Rights for Global Development, sources of the Tamil political parties said.The conference will be held on August 23 and 24 in New Delhi. Tamil […]

  • Engage more with Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s remarks that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s call for economic sanctions against Sri Lanka were politically motivated, has once again brought the question of sanctions back into public consciousness — unfortunately. Tamil Nadu’s politicians, — the likes of Vaiko, who, though shrewd, are not famous for their economic reasoning […]

  • Cardinal warns of ‘isolation’ Read more >

    Cardinal warns of ‘isolation’

    The leader of the Catholic church in Sri Lanka has warned that the country risks being isolated in the face of international criticism. In his sermon to hundreds of thousands of Catholics on their annual pilgrimage to Madhu church, Mannar, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith called upon the authorities to come up with a “learned response” to […]

  • Political Solution to ethnic discontent is essential precondition for sustainable economic development of the north and east Read more >

    Political Solution to ethnic discontent is essential precondition for sustainable economic development of the north and east

     Nimal SanderatneThe Sri Lankan economy has functioned with only part of its potential capacity for the good part of its last three decades. Although some economic activities prevailed despite the war, most of the region was a battle zone rather than a thriving economy. This applied to all three sectors of the northern and eastern […]

  • Devolution talks with TNA deception of Mahinda Rajapaksa exposed by his brother Gotabhaya Read more >

    Devolution talks with TNA deception of Mahinda Rajapaksa exposed by his brother Gotabhaya

    Tisaranee Gunasekara“The talk of political solution is irrelevant” Gotabhaya Rajapaksa (Interview with India Today) Watching or reading an interview with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is a rewarding experience. The Defence Secretary often says outright, usually in very blunt language, what his brothers try to conceal.While Mahinda and Basil Rajapaksa may prevaricate, wrapping unpalatable truths in misleadingly attractive linen, […]

  • TNA’s ultimatum to government

    Negotiating a political arrangement for post-conflict Sri Lanka can be considered daunting for Sri Lanka as it is for the US to resolve its debt crisis. The hard stand taken by the TNA even after three decades of death, destruction and untold suffering by the Tamil people is comparable to the unyielding stand taken by […]

  • TNA’s withdrawal from talks and the emerging political paralysis

    Kalana SenaratneThe recently concluded Local Government (LG) elections provided evidence, if evidence was needed, of a divided polity. Amidst accusations of violence, intimidation, and killings, the Tamil people voted, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) emerged triumphant, resilient, re-asserting its dominance in the North.The UPFA-led Government swept away the rest of the polls, as expected. Expected: […]

  • Lankan Tamil issue to be raised in India’s Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Tamil Nadu State Assembly on same day

     D.B.S. JeyarajSri Lanka Tamil issue likely to be raised in India’s Upper&Lower houses of Parliament&Tamil Nadu legislative assembly today August 11th 2011.Tamil Nadu politicians in well-coordinated moves plan to raise the Sri LankanTamil issue in the central&state legislatures simultaneously. D.Raja of Communist Party of India (CPI) has given notice to raise this issue in the […]

  • TNA is very justified in issuing an ultimatum on talks to the govt

     Sumanasiri LiyanageAt the time of writing, it appears that the talks between the UPFA government and the Tamil National Alliance are on the verge of collapse. It has been reported that the TNA wants the government to address some issues if the latter is willing to continue talks. The government’s argument varies.Some Ministers have said […]

  • Call For Land And Police Powers To PCs by ACMC

    An ally of the governing UPFA, the All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC), has called for the devolution of land and police powers to the provinces.The ACMC is led by Industries Minister Rishard Bathiudeen. ACMC General Secretary Y.L.S. Hameed has told the media that the Muslim community was concerned over the central government handling all these […]

  • Gotabaya hits out at Jayalalitha .

    Mr  Rajapaksa also told Headlines Today that Sri Lankan would not devolve any more powers to the minorities in spite of the promises it made in the past.  “If they are interested in the welfare of (Tamil) people, it is useless calling for international investigation,” Rajapaksa said in an interview in Colombo. “What does that […]

  • Sampanthan insists TNA has not shut the door

    Rohan AbeywardenaTamil National Alliance Leader R. Sampanthan in the aftermath of last Thursday’s somewhat tough stand taken with the government in giving it ten days to respond to the devolution proposals the TNA had put to the government about five months ago sat with The Island for a long interview and insisted that they had […]

  • Now, Indian point man here for Lankan solution

    Christy Mahesh SilvaIndia will appoint a special representative who would work with the Mahinda Rajapaksa administration directly regarding a political solution to the North and East. This representative who is expected to be appointed soon is to visit Sri Lanka and may be based here on a long term basis. “The Indian government is not […]

  • Lanka Must Grant Autonomy to Tamil Areas: CPI-M

    The CPI(M) today demanded that the Sri Lankan government take specific measures for granting autonomy to Tamil-speaking areas in the northern and eastern regions of the island country.“The measures are essential for enabling the Tamil people to live a life of dignity and as equal citizens within a united Sri Lanka,” the CPI(M) said in […]

  • Unable to continue talks with Govt. says TNA

    Sri Lanka’s major Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says that it has reached to a situation where they are unable to continue further talks with the government on political reforms.TNA parliamentarian M.A.Sumanthiran told BBC Sandeshaya that they are awaiting a response to three issues; the structure of governance, the subjects and functions allocated […]

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