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Wimal waiting for PSC decisions to decide continuity with government

National Freedom Front Leader and Housing Minister Wimal Weerawansa said yesterday that he and his party were awaiting the decisions of the Parliamentary Select Committee to decide whether to continue as a constituent party of the government.

Weerawansa, responding to a question as to whether he and his party would leave the government in the event of the solutions going beyond the 13th Amendment, said “We are waiting for the Parliamentary Select Committee to meet and take the decisions and we will decide our future based on that”.

The Tamil National Alliance could get the demands that they are making, as a solution to the ethnic question, which is almost Eelam, from the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the Tamil Eelam Transitional government V. Rudrakumaran, who has, in fact, proposed a borderless state of Eelam, he said.

The Minister was responding to a question on what his stand and that of his party was on the TNA demands, for land, police and finance powers, as the solutions to the ethnic question. The Tamil party spokesman and Jaffna District MP Suresh Premachandran told this newspaper in an interview published on Monday that those were their demands.

The Minister quoted President Mahinda Rajapaksa as having said that he would be accepting whatever solutions that the Parliamentary Select Committee, on the ethnic question, approves and there was no reason for any political party to rush into conclusions. He also said that the TNA could state what they wanted at the Parliamentary Select Committee without making sporadic statements of that nature.

The NFF Leader also reiterated the position of the government and of the President that the police powers could not be devolved despite Premachandran demanding it as well claiming that police powers were a devolved subject in countries such as Canada and others.


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