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President should not carry out his work according to the wishes of major communal parties: Sidhrathan

Leader of the Plot party Dharmalingam Sidhrathan stated international intervention cannot be stopped until the continuation of major communal problem in this country. Commenting on the statement released by the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) Sidharthan stated According to JHU  government should not implement the proposals made by the LLRC commission.
While speaking this regard he further said

More than 18 million people have casted their votes in favorable to president Mahinda Rajapaksa. In such situation without difficulties president was in a position to announce proper solution for problems of Tamil people of this country.

LLRC commission has point out mistakes of all parties and also announces proper proposals for these mistakes. President has appointed this commission.It necessary to implement proposals announced by this commission. President should not carry out his work according to the wishes of major communal parties.

I he work according to the wishes of major communal party the Tamil people of this country would urge the support of International. No one have rights to stop this situation said the leader. In such situation number of international intervention would increased against the country. Its useless to stage protest during this time.

Specially president has support of more than 18 million people and also he owns two third majority government. Therefore president has power to solve problems of Tamil people and proposal of LLRC commission without fearing to communal parties.

When implementing the proposal of LLRC commission special attention should be made towards families which lost their loved once during the time of war and compensation should need to granted for them.

If president continuously fear for the activities of major communal parties then country would lose its present  peaceful surrounding and also face difficulties in the development programmes of this country said the leader of the Plot party.


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