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Yoshitha Rajapaksa to be Court Martialed?

‘Speculation’ is rife that Lieutenant Yoshitha Rajapaksa, the second son of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa would be summoned before a military court in connection with the abuse of his position in violation of the Navy Act, authoritative defence sources said.

The Navy conducted a full scale investigation into the charges leveled against Rajapaksa and the investigation report has already been referred to the President. Navy sources added that further action would be taken against Rajapaksa based on the President’s decision.

“However, according to the findings of the inquiry, there is enough room to believe that the President will decide in favour of a Court

Martial. Multiple allegations against the Navy officer and alleged violations of the Navy Act were examined during the inquiry,” a senior Navy officer involved in the investigation told the Daily News.

.Yoshitha Rajapaksa was accused of having held the position of Chairman of a private company, Carlton Sports Network (CSN), while being a military officer.

According to legal opinion holding such a position while being a military officer is against military law.

“Another allegation leveled against him is that he had allegedly undertaken many foreign tours, without obtaining written permission from the Navy. Not even a Navy Commander has enjoyed such privileges,” sources said.

An investigation is to be carried out as to how Lieutenant Yoshitha had allegedly gone overseas nearly 30 times. At that period not even top officers had undertaken foreign trips without written permission.

Sources said that the findings of the internal investigations carried out by the Navy have proved that a large amount of money had allegedly been spent by the previous government for the foreign tours and training programmes of Yoshitha Rajapaksa.

“If found guilty before a military court, Yoshitha will be punished,” the sources said.
Ridma Dissanayake / Daily News


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