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Yet another white Van abduction: Parliament translator Sathyaseelan abducted ( Abducted man found in hiding )

Sathyaseelan Pakiaraj, the popular Parliament Sinhala to Tamil translator had been abducted at Trincomalee by a group that came in a white Van early morning today.

Sathyaseelan who is 34 years old has left for Trincomalee to visit his family residing there . He has alighted from the bus at the Central bus stand at Trincomalee and when he was proceeding home this abduction had taken place at about 5.30 early morning.

Following the abduction , he has given a call to his wife and stated that he has been abducted. But as he was relating this , the call had been interrupted by a group. Thereafter as there was no further information received about him , his wife had lodged a complaint to the Harbor police , Trincomalee where she has stated these details.

A youth from Trincomalee who had reportedly been abducted, was arrested by the Police while hiding in Achchuveli, Jaffna today.

His wife had complained to the Trincomalee Harbour Police that her husband had been abducted in a white van on January 13.

The suspect is a translator and has among other jobs worked at the Colombo Municipal Council, was taken into custody on Saturday night.

Police said that according to initial investigations the suspect had wanted to make his wife and two children believe that he was abducted and later make arrangements to marry another woman in the Achchuveli area. Police said that the mother of the woman who was due to marry the suspect had made such a statement. (Amadoru Amarajeewa reporting fromTrincomalee
Sunday, 29 January 2012


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