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Witnesses to Katuwana murders threatened against giving evidence

Police allegedly biased
Some persons who witnessed the Katuwana double murder last week have been threatened with death if they proceed to give evidence against Gigana Gamage Amarasiri alias Julampitiye Amare.

Attorney at Law Sunil Watagala who is appearing on behalf of the two victims following the shooting that took place at Katuwana recently charged that witnesses have been issued with death threats, allegedly by Amarasiri’s goons.

Speaking to LAKBIMAnEWS attorney Watagala said that two persons on a motorcycle had gone to the homes of some of the witnesses and had warned them against giving any evidence pertaining to the shooting, adding that they (the witnesses) would face the same fate.

One of the witnesses, R.L. Sarath has lodged a complaint with the police in this regard.

Attorney Sunil Watagala also charged that when the police are in the process of obtaining statements from witnesses, they (the police) try to influence the witnesses to imply that the shooting took place due to a private quarrel. He added there are eight persons who had witnessed the shooting that took place at Katuwana.
 photo: A JVP rally against the murders


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