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Friday, September 29, 2023

Wicked approach of the US exposed – JHU

The JHU says a remark by US assistant secretary of state Robert O’ Blake clearly shows his country’s wicked approach towards Sri Lanka.  In a statement, JHU deputy secretary Udaya Gammanpila urges the international community to rally against misdeeds of this so-called world policeman.

 The US official has said following a visit to the island that since no adequate action has been taken to implement LLRC recommendations, his government would support a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council.

 The statement notes that in a democracy, a government commission report should be followed up with only after a public dialogue.

 It is hilarious to say that no action has been taken with regard to the more than 400 page report that has been released less than two months ago, it says.

 The government has already declared its stance on the report, and it should implement the recommendations only in consideration of the public opinion, says the JHU statement.

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