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White vans pursue leaders who organized agitation against killing of Roshan Chanake

The organizers of the agitation by the Inter Company Employees Union (ICEU) held on the 30th of August against the failure of the authorities to take action against those who were responsible for the killing of Roshan Chanake are being threatened by thugs say reports. Roshan Chanaka was killed by police shooting at a demonstration held at Kaatunayake against the attempt by the government to bring in a pension scheme for employees of the private sector without their consent.

 The President of All Ceylon Ports General Workers Union (ACPGTU) Chandrasiri Mahagamage, an active leader of the agitation has been threatened with death states the Union.

Mr. Mahagamage had complained that a group claiming to be from the Army Intelligence had come in a white van to his residence to threaten him with death. As Mr. Mahagamage had not been at home the group of thugs had threatened his sisters and other members of the family.

He also said a group claiming to be from Army Intelligence constantly threatens him over the telephone. When Mr. Mahagamage complained regarding this to the police the police have advised him to live away from home for some time.


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