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While Monk Ashin Wirathu Thanks Him For Visa, Rajapaksa Invites OIC Head Lyad Madani

[Monk Wirathu, as an evil force]
Burmese Monk Ashin Wirathu thero expressed his gratitude to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for intervening to grant him visa to enter the country amidst huge criticism from Muslim organizations. Monk wirathu praising the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), asked them to continue their policies in Sri Lanka.

Leader of the violent anti-Muslim 969 movement in Myanmar, Monk Ashin Wirathu made these comments while speaking at (BBS) convention held in Colombo yesterday. BBS is known for its violent campaign and hate speeches against Muslims in Sri Lanka.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka had earlier warned the authorities that allowing Wirathu to visit “would pose a serious threat to peace in our beloved motherland”. Sri Lanka Muslim Congress had meanwhile sought special protection ahead of the meeting to ensure safety of citizens.

Monk Virathu appreciating Sri Lankan President’s courage to intervene in ensuring his entry to the country insists that Muslim organizations around the world have taken up the leading role and that organizations such as ISIS have infiltrated every part of the world. Monk Wirathu pledged his support to the BBS and said that he would work with the BBS to protect their common religion that was “facing threats from Islamic jihadists.”

Speaking at the Convention BBS head Monk Gnanasara challenged Sri Lanka Muslims to denounce some sections of the Koran and called on Sinhalese political leaders to unite to protect the Sinhala Nation from minority communities. The Convention proposed that all people living in Sri Lanka should be called Sinhalese’ According to BBS policy unveiled at the convention minority communities should changed their identity to Sinhalese Muslims, Sinhalese Christians and Sinhalese Hindus.

Meanwhile President Rajapaksa invited Iyad Madani, the head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will visit Sri Lanka, Arab news reported.
Soon after the anti-Muslim riots initiated by the BBS in Aluthgama three months ago, in a letter addressed to the Sri Lankan government, the OIC earlier expressed its concerns at reports of ethnic tensions in parts of Sri Lanka following violence, which has affected Muslim community members and their businesses.

“We don’t consider Sri Lanka as outside the OIC,” Madani told Rajapaksa. Appreciating the ‘pioneering steps’ the president has taken, Madani said that the OIC has “continuous admiration” for Sri Lanka and looks forward to helping the country enhance relations with the 56-member body, reported Arab News.

“I will look after the Muslim community like my own brothers,” Rajapaksa had said.
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