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Western conspiracy to thwart reconciliation process:‘Rally round President to protect Motherland’

All Sri Lankans irrespective of religious, political or racial differences should express their displeasure over the resolution to be moved tomorrow by the USA against Sri Lanka at the UNHCR sessions in Geneva, said the Most Ven. Niyangoda Sri Vijithasiri, Anunayaka Thera, Malwatta Chapter and the Most Ven. Galagama Atthadassi Anunayaka Thera, Asgiriya Chapter.

The Anunayaka Theras in a statement said that this would be an ideal opportunity to display the unity of Sri Lankans against foreign elements who still support LTTE terrorists.

“We should not underestimate the role of the LTTE-backed foreign and NGO elements directed against Sri Lanka,” the Anunayaka Thera said.

Meanwhile, civil society leaders have called for a united effort by all Sri Lankans to thwart attempts being made by certain Western countries to impede Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process.

They said the people should stand by their country and the leader at this crucial hour to defend the Motherland from imperialist forces.

Prof. Nalin de Silva, Political Analyst and Dean of the faculty of Science at the University of Kelaniya says this is a continuation of our independent struggle.

He said “I don’t believe that any of these accusations are real. Though we say we gained independence in 1948 in reality we as a country was not independent. We didn’t become fully independent at all. So what is happening now is another step of this unending struggle for independence. Tamil ethnic nationalism didn’t start recently. It was created by the British almost 200 years ago.

Tamil people were used against the Sinhala people by British during the colonial time and clashes came to a level where the country was about to get divided.

A Prabhakaran emerged as a result of these incidents and following his activities, in the recent past, Western countries wanted to get the country divided through President Mahinda Rajapaksa. But this was not achieved since President Mahinda Rajapaksa did not listen to Western forces. Instead he managed to defeat the LTTE.

Since that happened against their will the Western forces are again trying to divide this country. If a Western friendly regime existed in the country it will be easy for them to manipulate.

If there is Government which opposes Western forces they try to topple that government. The Western countries are doing this to many other countries and Sri Lanka is not the only place.

Sri Lanka also faces the same threat and these Western forces are trying to take President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the guillotine. I can very clearly say that Western forces want to bring Sarath Fonseka to power and oust Mahinda Rajapaksa.

I have no doubt about it and I am very straight forward about my statement. We can see Ranil Wickremesinghe trying to gain the attention of the Western countries through special speeches made to Parliament and different methods. Sarath Fonseka not only is against the Government but is also against the country.

At this juncture as citizens what we should do is to be more concerned about the country rather looking in to our personal comforts.

We should be more concerned to establish true independence in the country. Sending Mahinda Rajapaksa as an accused would make an environment for more Prabhakaran like figures to emerge.

This country will be divided and given to certain Tamil politicians. We are in this independence struggle. Not with any one else but with Mahinda Rajapaksa. Like Trotsky’s conception of ‘permanent revolution’ this struggle in Sri Lanka is a permanent independent struggle.

I don’t know how long the struggle will continue but it will be a struggle for permanent independence. Whatever the steps the Western forces can take , be it an attack or an economic sanction, at present what we need to do is defeat the Western powers. Government officials and Ministers in Geneva will look after the theoretical side of the issue but they cannot fight it alone. We as citizens need to stand by our country and its leader.”

Senior Counsel S.L. Gunasekara said that it is of utmost importance for countries facing the danger of being swallowed by western imperialism to get together and form a front. “If you see the chain of events of the recent past all those who did not obey America were murdered,” he said. Following are the excerpts of his comments.

“I have been suggesting from the beginning that the right minded countries should get together to stand up against these Western forces. Countries in the danger of being oppressed by the Western Imperialism should stand up together and this is essential.” We must band together with them and have a movement where we jointly oppose the West. It is impossible for us as poor countries to stand up (alone) against the West. He further explained that by building far more strength from the like minded countries and those countries that are in danger of being swallowed up and oppressed by the West, will be more effective. “If you see the chain of events of the recent past all who did not obey America were murdered. Such as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi who stood up against the Western forces were murdered,” he said. There are dictators in other countries also, but they are no harmed. “I suspect the next target would be our President Mahinda Rajapaksa. I have always said that.

“We got independence in 1948. Since then nobody has tried to interfere with us. And tell us what to do.”

“It is like the rich man and the poor man. Though a man is poor the rich man can’t tell him on how to lead his life. In the same way we are a poor country. But that doesn’t mean that rich countries like America and Britain can tell us what to do.

Will America listen to what we say and do accordingly. If tell them to close down the Gunatanamo bay facility will they do that? Obviously they won’t.

When American officials come to Sri Lanka even the Sri Lankan President will give an audience and listen to them.

But suppose our External Affairs Minister or a high official of such a rank like the Secretary to the External Affairs Ministry goes to America , will he get a chance to enter the White House? He added saying that laying red carpet to such foreign people we as citizens also become contributors.

“A foreigner must know he is a foreigner. What right has foreigners from the rich countries to come here and tell us what to do when they torture and murder people in Pakistan sending the Navy seals without any kind of permission or even having the courtesy of informing Pakistan on sending them and killing a person,” he said.

Questioning this incident he pointed out, “Now suppose Prabhakaran went to America will we be able to send our Commandos and take action against him? America wouldn’t let us do that. How can they stop Shavendra Silva coming to a UN panel.

Shavendra Silva is a legally appointed official nominated by a group of officials of the United Nations.

To the West we are still servants, colonial slaves. They can’t get over that. We contribute to that by bowing down to the white man. Because there is nothing our people like than getting a free trip to the West.

So our greed also goes against us. That is the part of our problem.”

Courtesy: Sunday Obsever


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