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Welipanna, Matugama becomes fierce;Aluthgama racialism to Badulla .3 shops on fire….

There are few fierce incidents reported last night from Welipanna and Matugama. From an attack done by a gang who entered in to a farm at Welipanna, one person had died and later the police has identified him as the watcher (58) of the farm. One injured has been hospitalized.  The gang who had come for the attack has not yet  been identified.

Further, 10 shops in Welipanna are attacked and destroyed and set ablaze a service center.

Police says that about 150 had come for the attack and according to the police some of them are already identified


The UNP parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera says that it is suspicious whether Galabodaaththe Gnanasara is a Buddhist monk.  Addressing media in Colombo he said that it is monitored by the government intelligence unit.

He said that it has become the only trick of the government to get the racialism votes for the next Presidential election and they grow hate using those who are in yellow robes.

He said that he is willing to publish a list of intelligence officers who are behind this.

He further said that this has grown up to Badulla and there were 3 shops set ablaze


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