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Weerawansa accuses UN of seeking revenge on Sri Lanka

Harischnadra Gunaratna
Democratic National Front leader Wimal Weerawansa yesterday said the intention of the UN to send an officer, claiming to review the actions of the UN in Sri Lanka during the ‘Humanitarian Operation’, was to take revenge on Sri Lanka.
He said that Thoraya Obaid, the former head of the UN Population fund who is scheduled to be sent here by the UN, would eventually claim in her report that war crimes had been committed in Sri Lanka and submit it to the Human Rights Convention in Geneva to be held next June.

“The motive behind this is to see that a majority of the member countries, voting at Convention, would approve the report and in order to bring the President, Defence Secretary and the Security Forces Chiefs before a war crimes tribunal,” he said.

This is the final thrust of the UN plan and while they planning this, William Blake visits the North of Sri Lanka and demands that the police should recruit Tamils while criticizing Douglas Devannada. Then he predicts that a soon a terrorist organization will come into being in the country, Weerawansa pointed out.

Addressing a news conference at the party headquarters in Battaramulla, the Minister said that this was a decisive juncture for Sri Lanka. “We cannot take it lightly and hence there has to be a deep national consensus on the matter. We have to unite ourselves to face it.”

“All political parties need to shed their differences and work as one,” he added.

Weerawansa said that the whole issue was because President Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and the Security Forces Commanders defeated the terrorist organization which was hell bent on the division of the country. He added that none of them did it for personal gains.

“If the President swallowed the ropes given by Milibands, Bernard Kouchner etc. Rajapaksa would have been given the Nobel Prize,” the Minister said.

Blake is telling the Sri Lanka government that Tamils should be recruited to police and he is worried about the security forces stationed in the North, But we all know that the US forces have occupied many countries and Blake is not talking about it, he said.


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