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Websites propagating false news sealed-MOD .

The Defence Ministry said in its website that acting on a court order the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials, yesterday (29th June) sealed an office in Rajagiriya where two websites involved in propagating false and unethical news on Sri Lanka were being operated from.

It also said that “these two websites were continuously involved in publishing false and unethical news about celebrities and popular personalities, misleading the international and local communities.”

According to a Supreme Court ruling all websites operating from Sri Lanka should be registered with relevant authorities.

The prime objective of this is to identify information which could harm the country and its people and also to identify the extremist individuals behind these unethical operations. The Media Ministry is currently registering websites and most websites have complied with the court order have registered

Some websites, ignoring the Supreme Court order, are trying to bring disrepute and shame on the country and the people by propagating false and distorted news. The two websites have operated disregarding a legal order issued by the highest legal body.

The CID officials raided the office after a court order and have found that these two websites were directly engaged in propagating false and distorted news. Further investigations are continuing.

Websites operated by certain quarters with vested interests are trying to bring disgrace to the country and the people, especially at a time when the country is undergoing a period of social and economic revival, the statement added.


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