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Wanted Radaliyagoda in UPFA May day procession

Sudharman Radaliyagoda , the suspect whom the SL police had not been able to take into custody , was a participant in the May day rally procession on the 1st of May under the leadership of the SL President , the highest in the hierarchy of the country , and therefore must be most concerned about enforcement and implementation  of the rule of law of the country.
This Radaliyagoda participation had been revealed by the International reports.

Radaliyagoda is wanted in connection with a fraud amounting to Rs. 15 lakhs , whereby he had collected monies after submitting forged documents that he would arrange the sale of discarded railway lines of the CGR. Though the Kaduwela Magistrate issued an order that he shall be immediately arrested  , the police had continuously failed to take him into custody. At  the procession  where the President as well as the swindler Radeliyagoda participated ,  a large posse of police officers was in attendance providing security, meaning that if the police had the will , Radeliyagoda the culprit  could have been easily arrested. The photograph herein is what was taken by the international chain sources.
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