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Vote for JVP to Make Mahinda Victorious; The Slogan of Some Leftists?

The discarded defeated Leftists alias  ‘left garbage leftists’ say , what is necessary at this moment is not defeating Mahinda Rajapakse, rather sending more JVP members to parliament. However in the JVP publications there is nothing mentioning  this. In other words there is a  deceitful motive behind this theory: divide the anti  Rajapakse votes as much as possible (as this  will be favorable to Rajapakse). Of course that will favor the JVP too.

Before this ‘Left Garbage Leftists’ announce this, isn’t it better if they  reveal also  about how the horrendous  conduct of the JVP  during its era when it wielded power ?

It is well to recall it is  the JVP that went on an Islandwide campaign  with the support of late Premadasa against the provincial council (PC) system which provided minimum solution to the  Tamils. Though  the JVP does not accept the PC system still , it is  appropriating  the privileges the system  provides while being in the councils.

Can these left garbage leftists who are saying that the JVP shall be given more,  at least compel  Anura Kumara to say ‘we accept the PCs’  We bet they  cannot. Though these defeated left gabage leftists will stoop to do sordid biddings, the JVP cannot be made to follow suit. This is the stark truth.

 In 1971 and 1989-1990 when JVP wielded weaponry  power , the JVP conducted itself as a murderous state outfit. Opposition party members were murdered in a manner that surpasses the brutality of the IS (Islamic extemists). To the JVP killing parents before their children and vice versa were as simple as killing flies. They even went beyond the white Van abductions and killings of journalists : they killed the poor newspaper vendors and set fire to their stalls. The  newspaper Insititutions like Janadina and Aththa that published views opposing them were burnt down.

That was the time the JVP enjoyed power conjointly with Mahinda Rajapakse , the devil incarnate. It was the JVP that led the anti Tamils war .It was the JVP that led the racism campaign then which present bankrupt politician Weerawansa  is stoking and fanning now. While killing people in large numbers and going on a ramapge , JVP gave advice in regard to fighting a  war thus : ‘We who attack with what test….les we have, we shall give them too’

Did their folly and criminality end there ? The thousand tanks that were to be built by the JVP when in power turned into a damp squib.In a world where backhoes are  used  , JVP tried to build tanks with a mammoty and ‘Thaatchi’ clearly bearing out how primitive they are. One JVP M.P.gave government  houses to  relatives in the same way as Weerawansa is doing today. A simple inquiry made from the government house dwellers  down Malsiripura will prove the truth of  this allegation.

JVP has been a most backward party with antiquated opinions and ideas. In this modern developing world , instead of providing the necessities of life for  men, women and children, they are still down below with ancient outmoded traditions. At one time,  Anura Kumara Dissanayake was a minister of agriculture, and he  held the portfolio for a whole 365 days, not just 100 days ! We would like to ask him what were his accomplishments ? All what he did was , wherever he went he carried a plate of meals like those  living in the ancient planet of the Apes.

May we recall ,some time ago, the Tissamaharama pradeshiya sabha was under the JVP. Then what did the JVP say ? They  said , this is their road to the future . Ultimately need we remind, the Tissamaharama sabha under JVP got blown off like a straw in the wind. If they are capable and dependable, will that happen?  Since that day not one local body could be won by them.

If these ‘Left garbage leftists ‘ are searching for the truth and are sincere , they must  join with  the Frontline party and people like Sumanasiri Liyanage having steadfast  policies.

It is to build a popularity that they know well is  at zero level  , they are  urging  that votes shall be cast to the JVP, because it is by  that they can win a few seats, and that JVP has  a propaganda mechanism. For instance, the JVP has the strength to publish a 24 page propaganda supplement in the most selling Sinhala Sunday newspaper. Millions and millions of rupees are being spent on that  alone. Sadly , JVP is not a socialist  party today in practice or  policy. They are only glistening on showy but empty socialism.

Hence , when these discarded  defeated Left garbage leftists (LGL) are saying to secure seats for the JVP, it is  not because of any sincere motives on behalf of the JVP or the voters , but owing to their own desperation and despondency having been rejected in toto by one and all. Besides  , between the JVP ‘s new corrupted economic policies and the other capitalist party policies there are  hardly any differences.

Under the circumstances going by the present that is built on the past , and the future that is built on the present , UNF (United National Front) is the best choice. Their prospects are the brightest  .They are very clear on their promises and transparent on their  policies. They accept plain aristocratic Democracy. They are pledging to introduce a new constitution, and a devolution of power as best as possible. They have already proved their mettle by bringing down the prices of goods and raising salaries in keeping with their promises. They have not taken the people on a merry go round on false promises, nor have they indulged in selfish merry making with their cronies and families at the expense of public funds. Moreover it is only if the UNF comes to power the constitution can be amended democratically.

The left garbage leftists are trying to boost the JVP falsely  in order to augment Mahinda Rajapakse’s power, for they know when  bonus seats  diminish  it is to the advantage of Rajapakse.

Of course the JVP is not unaware why these discarded ‘left garbage leftists’ are making these diabolic moves. Throughout its political history the JVP had consigned these moth eaten leftist parties  to the garbage heap (no wonder they are rightly called the Left garbage Leftists).

From Vjitha Herath’s enunciation , it is lucid , if the JVP captures power it will take an extreme racist stance. He is playing up on the Tamil alliance federal demand to inflame sinhala communalism , in order to swell JVP  vote base. What a shame !

Some day when under the new constitution , if devolution of powers is attempted, JVP’s Vijitha Herath and Anura Kumara are certainly going to make a huge hue and cry that the country is going to be divided, and on that day they will stand alongside Mahinda. There is no doubt about that.

Truly speaking, the JVP hasn’t and cannot have much of a clash of policy with Mahinda Rajapakse,  for they  are opposed to power devolution; they  are a Buddhist party ; and their  economic policies too are capitalistic.

The discarded defeated group is aware that on the votes cast to the JVP , there is an opportunity for Mahinda to come back to power. The aim of Mahinda is, based on the votes the JVP is going to be deprived of, to win three or four districts , and secure a majority in parliament. The JVP on the other hand is waiting to fish in troubled waters.

To the JVP what is paramount are heroic marches  on foot.  Anura Kumara must be assuming that if Mahinda is elected to power, the JVP can succeed on their marching politics , even if the country goes to the dogs.

What have been aforementioned  may not happen is another story. Nevertheless , one could imagine the devastation that can be wrought on the country if the votes that are being divided by the JVP operates to the advantage of machiavellian Mahinda who was thrown out lock ,stock and barrel by the people on 8 th January  after a great struggle even risking their lives.

In the ciircumstances, before the voters exercise their franchise, it is best if they give careful thought  and decide , are they for Mahinda Rajapakse era of despotism, lawlessness, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, economic despair and doom, or  against it, after having suffered abysmally during the last 9 years of his brutal barbaric reign . Are we going to bring back ‘Idi Mahin’ of Sri Lanka who is dubbed as late Idi Amin of  Uganda in form , features , character and policies . Idi Amin was  the notorious sex starved dictator who ruined his country and routed its economy on a scale unprecedented in the history of the world.

-Jahamanaya / Lank-e-News


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