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Video: There is no rule of law in the country – Justice Warawewa .

Retired High Court Judge W.T.M. Warawewa yesterday said he was willing to a lead a political movement that would ensure a society in which the law was equal to all its citizens. “People have told me that after retirement I have developed political ambitions. Yes, as a citizen of this country I have the right to develop political ambitions. My political ambitions are to stand up against the decline of the rule of law, to ensure a peaceful and free society and to cultivate a society in which all people are equal before the law. These are my political ambitions, and for this I’m willing to take the leadership in any organistaion that is willing to bring about a society like this” he said.

 The retired judge who gave the dissenting judgment in the White flag case, made these remarks while speaking at a rally of the campaign to restore democracy at the New Town Hall.

 Justice Warawewa went on to say that people who respected the rule of law and expected justice could not dabble in politics today.

“Today only rogues, thieves, druglords and other dubious characters can dabble in politics. It seems that no man who respects the rule of law and expects fairness and justice can do politics today” he said.

 Justice Warwewa stated that the implementation of the 18th amendment was the biggest obstacle to a free and law-abiding society.

“The independent commissions that were introduced through the 17th amendment was an obstacle to the President because the rulers can’t control the state according to their whims and fancies. But after the 18th amendment was introduced even the elections commissioner doesn’t have the power to make an order to stop the abuse of state resources. That order is also issued by the president and before long it will the President who will make orders as to how elections should be held and votes should be counted,” he said.

 Making a scathing attack at the current system Justice Warawewa said today there was no law in the country.

“There is no law in the country, people don’t trust the Police. Any murderer or rogue affiliated to the government is set free” he said.

 Speaking further on the 18th amendment the retired high court judge said that at present the President is the head of all three arms of governance which is a grave concern.

“The president is the head of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary today. With the abolishing of the constitutional council the ruling party has all the power they want to appoint judges and this is a very grave situation” he said.

 He also stated that he has sentenced many LTTE suspects after they were found guilty, but said that many of the suspects have spoken to him in court.

“When I was hearing the case of the town hall bombing the accused told court that she was only 14 years when she was arrested and that she had neither intention nor idea about the parcel being a bomb. She told that she did so because she was threatened by the LTTE to bring the parcel to Colombo” he said.

“ She asked me if the law only applies to her, when Karuna Amman, Pillayan and KP who ordered us to do these things are living like kings why have only we to suffer, she asked me” he said.

 He also said that many people today are frightened to talk to him.

“Many people I meet think twice before talking to me, theyre frightened that a bullet aimed at me will hit them. This is the society we live in” Justice Warawewa said.

 The retired judge urged everyone to rally together to ensure a society complete with freedom, justice and fairness to all. (Hafeel Farisz and Nishan  Cassem)
 Friday, 17 August 2012
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