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Varsity student leaders remain under State threat: IUSF Convener

Threats to university students continue, said the Inter-University Students Federation (IUSF) Convener, Sanjeewa Bandara. According to the student leader, more students and their parents have been threatened by ‘security personnel’ demanding they stop all union activities within the universities.

Last Thursday (16), persons claiming to be from the CID, had visited the homes of Ruhuna University IUSF vice-president Vimukthi Madushanka and treasurer W.P.D. Ashan, and warned their respective parents to advise their children to stop their political work within the universities, failing which, their sons will be in great trouble. “We are condemning these acts of the Government. We are students, and it is a disgrace that the State should threaten us via our family members who are innocent,” Sanjeewa said.

The student leader further added that they will continue their work, because they need to fight to obtain their demands.  “We are doing this for the future generations and the public of this country. Education is a very important aspect in a country and its economy. We also like to point out that students should be allowed to involve in politics, as they have every right to do so. If politician’s sons, drug dealers and other offenders are given the opportunity to involve in politics, then we have the right to do so too,” he said.

“Their work is done in different ways. First they try to threaten the students by expelling them from the university. Next they send threatening letters to the parents. Failing which, they go directly to the parents to threaten the students. If these steps don’t work, they will start to kidnap and murder them,” he explained. He further added that, if any of the university students are harmed, they will complain to the human rights commission, and appeal to other local and international bodies to get involved to stop the brutality.

Also, this Tuesday (14), Peradeniya IUSF student leader Janaka Nilanga was taken by six ‘security officials’ and warned to end his union activities. At a press conference held in Colombo, he said he was detained for over an hour, and berated in foul language.

“This happened when I went to town to meet my father that evening and after I met him, six individuals took me to an isolated floor of a building and threatened me,” he said, adding that this cruelty should be stopped.

By Aanya Wipulasena /ST


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