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Uva PC Sittings Suspended Over Cross Over Fears; W. PC May Follow

[Uva CM is a nephew of President Mahinda Rajapaksa]

UPFA controlled Uva provincial council sitting were suspended over cross over fears today, reports say. The reason given was that it  is too cold for the provincial council members to have meetings of the council. This is an unprecedented move in the 35 years of history of the council.

A smiler move was put in place by late President  Premadasa when he was confronted with the impeachment motion against him. President Pramadasa postponed the  parliament sittings until he could  change the balance of forces within the parliament.

Following that example Uva Chief Minster has suspended sitting of the council until the presidential election is over

Uva PC opposition leader Harin Fernando has told the Colombo Mirror that the Chief Minister Shashindra Rajapaksa would have lost his job if the opposition planned defections of three members from the ruling party went ahead today (Friday). The opposition insisted  this  unprecedented move was to prevent defections that could have toppled President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Chief Minister nephew.

“The official reason for yesterday’s suspension is that it is too cold for members to have council meetings,” Fernando had  said. “But, the idea is clearly to prevent a toppling of (Shashindra) Rajapaksa’s Provincial Council. We can submit affidavits supporting our claim of support from defectors to prove our majority, We hope to take power in the Uva Provincial Council very soon.”

Posing an important question Fernando has asked that  if it was too cold for council members, then it would be impossible for school children to sit for the December GCE Ordinary Level Examination.“It is the duty of the government in that case to at least provide warm clothes to O/Level students,” Fernando has aid.

He has 15 members as against the government’s 18 in the Uva council where at least three from the government side have said they will defect, according to the opposition.

Fernando has said the Western Provincial Council too was about to collapse as only two defections were needed there for the opposition to take control of that council.

“They may put off the Western Provincial Council saying it is too hot,” Fernando has added.


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