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US Ambassador to review LLRC report

During his meetings with senior government leaders in Sri Lanka last month, Deputy Assistant Defence Secretary Sher said that “United states needs to see continued progress in promoting the rights of all Sri Lankans.” He also called for what he termed concrete steps “to bring about reconciliation with the Tamil population. He made clear it was “critically important” that “a serious effort” is made by the Sri Lanka government “to ensure accountability for serious violations of human rights during the war.”

Complementing this position was a simultaneous request by the US government to allow its Ambassador in Sri Lanka Patricia Butenis to review the final report of the LLRC. Government sources say that once the report is tabled in Parliament, External Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris, will provide copies to the diplomatic community in Colombo and brief them on the follow up action being taken. By the time this happens, President Rajapaksa would have already announced the mechanisms he has set in motion based on the recommendations of the LLRC final report.

December, the last month in the calendar, usually signifies a holiday season. However, for the UPFA government, it would be weeks of hard work formulating strategies to defend its human rights record after the LLRC report is made public. That will become high priority since the UN Human Rights Council is likely to discuss Sri Lanka in March next year.

from political column of the Sunday Times


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