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UPFA politician led gang fires at JVP election campaigners

[Over the weekend 14 JVP election offices were attacked]
Early morning on today [26th Aug] a group of members and sympathizers of the JVP, who were decorating the stage of a meeting the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka was to address, has been savagely attacked by a group of thugs including the vice-chairman of Badalkumbura Pradeshiya Sabha, reports Lanka Truth.
The report futher says that ”the group of thugs led by the vice-chairman had come with poles and iron bars inhumanly attacked the JVP members and sympathizers and damaged property say reports. Despite complaining to the police the police had taken time until the thugs had completed their mission to arrive at the scene. Even while the police were present the members of the JVP were shot at and several people have been seriously injured.

The group leader of the JVP for Monaragala District for the Uva PC election R.M Jayawardene whose residence is at Badalkumbura too had been present.”


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