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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

UPFA in fights mars election campaign in Wayamba

“It has become a difficult situation for many to carry on the poster campaign. The posters pasted by the  numerous candidates promoting their campaign have been challenged by the supporters of the Johnston Fernando’s supporters.
They come with thugs and do not allow the notices of the other candidates to remain in the places they have been pasted using force and exhibit the posters of Minister Johnson Fernando’s son above all of them so that in the morning only the posters of the ministers son are seen.

This was disclosed by the Ayurvedic doctor, Member of Parliament Salinda Dissanayke when supporters of the same party were brought to hospital after injuries for treatment after having been injured after clashes. He had mentioned this when he had gone to see the ex Member of the PC Kurunegala,Prasad Kumarage who had been treated for his injuries during a clash.

It is learnt that the supporters two Ministers of Parliament Johnston Fernando and Salinda Dissanayake had clashed with other causing injuries to many of the same party. The clash had started when the posters of the wife of Salinda Dissanayke had been removed by the supporters of Minister Johnston Fernando’s son’s supporters which was led by former member of PC  Prasad kumarage.

In this connection minister Johnstone Fernando had added that it is very sad to hear that the supporters of the same party are clashing in this manner


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