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Unwarranted interference of the armed forces in the civil adminstration of Poonakari

 V. Anandasangaree 
An open letter to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa
I strongly condemn and vehemently protest against the conduct of a political party that faced defeat at the recently held Local Election. In-spite of the fact that the service personnel while obstructing candidates of other parties went all out to distribute leaflets, pasting posters and did house to house campaign for that political party it lost.
The voters were prevented in large numbers from casting their votes. Now they are utilizing the services of the Forces to win the election to the MPCS

Recently election was held to several branches of the Poonakari MPCS. One section of the army even imposed an unofficial curfew and prevented many people from either taking part in voting or contesting for various Offices. Thuggery and intimidation of the Army was obtained

I always take my hat off for duty conscious Army Personnel for whom some black sheep in the Army bring disgrace. They even bring discredit to the country, the people and to you, because they do everything in your name. If they want to bring discredit to the Government and the Country, please send them to the proper place where they rightly lift in.

The poor villagers of this part of the country live in fear and tension due to the Army interference. The party that sort the assistance of the army collected Rupees one million from each one of the MPCS, Unions in Jaffna. These are not matters that can be taken up at UN level or with some other country. Please intervene and see that the ACCD conduct a proper inquiry in to these malpractices and hold fresh election immediately. As for the army officers who bring discredit to you and to our country, please deal with them in the proper way. It is your duty to give the innocent people proper security to live in peace.



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