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University student missing in Jaffna

[TamilNet] A student of the University of Jaffna, 27-year-old Vetharaniyam Latheesh, was missing after he left the gents hostel (Balasingham Hostel) of the University of Jaffna in Thirunelveali by 6:45 pm, Sunday evening. The student, studying at the Siddha Medicine department of the university located at Kaithadi, and used to stay in the hostel there, had come to the university hostel in Thirunelveali to meet a friend.
University circles fear that the SL Army that was deployed in large numbers around the university campus on Sunday might have abducted him. A relative of Latheesh, who made a mobile call to him and got connected, heard his abductors talking in Sinhala and beating him, asking “kawuda” (who). The University Students Union has confirmed the abduction of Latheesh.

Mr. Latheesh, comes from the coastal village Aazhiyava’lai in Vadamaraadchi East in the Jaffna district that was formerly under the LTTE control.

Studying in Jaffna, he was arrested by the SL military during the war and was kept in detention at Poosa for a long time. He was released to continue his studies at the intervention of the university after the war.

As he had found his house at Aazhiyava’lai completely razed down, he was staying in the Kaithadi hostel and was being supported by his relatives.

‘Abductions’ have once again escalated in Jaffna, and the abduction of Lathesh creates much tension in the university community.


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