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TU leader of CEB threatened with death

Ranjan Jayalal

The Committee Member of the CEB Joint Trade Union Alliance Ranjan Jayalal has been threatened that he and all his family members would be killed if he didn’t stop all his trade union activities immediately.  The threat has been carried out at 8.39 p.m. on the 29th using a mobile phone having the number 0784945856. The half a day’s strike carried out by the CEB employees throughout the island was on this day.

Mr. Jayalal says a written complaint was made to the IGP but so far he has not got any response. There had been a similar threat during a trade union action earlier and a complaint made to the IGP then too did not have any response said Mr. Jayalal adding that not getting any response from  the IGP leads to believe that the threats are made with the knowledge of the government. He also points out that there had been various instances where workers have been threatened to sabotage trade union actions.

There is a struggle going on at present to demand the authorities to solve salary anomalies that exist in the CEB and Mr. Jayalal is the General Secretary of the Lanka Electricity Board Employees’ Union.


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