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The Truth About Ananthi Sasitharan

(Ananthi Sasitharan and her husband, LTTE political commissar  Sasitharan alias Ezhilan)

Ananthi Sasitharan has become a darling of Rajapaksa regime because of the call for Election boycott.

Now Rajaakasa regime has reinforced Ananthi’s call by unleashing a terror campaign to stop Northern Tamils voting. Strange bed fellows, isn’t it? Ananthi must be happy that Rajapaksa regime is following her call to boycott.

Rajapaksa regime’s plan is to block the anti Rajapaksa vote in the Northern Province and to get all pro Rajapaksa people to vote. EPDP and other Pro Rajapaksa groups might be able to mobilse around 20-30 percent of vote in Northern Province. They will not listen to Ananthi.

Rajapaksa knows that Tamil vote could be crucial in this election.

In 2005 he paid millions to the LTTE to enforce an election boycott. LTTE obliged. That is how Rajapaksa came to power in 2005. Tamils had to pay for the blunder, as whole world knows.

Now Ananthi Sasitharan has taken the same slogan as in 2005 and campaigning for a boycott.

Ananthi Sasitharan comes to Geneva Human Rights Council sessions regularly. Her trips are organised by one Bosco from France. At every session Bosco can be seen waking proudly with Annathi within the Palais des Nations , the UNHRC building in Geneva. Bosco keeps a close watch on her life a guardian.
This Bosco is a strange fellow. In 2012 he made a big fuss saying that he was beaten by a Tamil speaking group in close proximity of the Sri Lanka embassy in Geneva. He claimed that he was hospitalised as a result.

A good hearted European gentlemen, who is genuinely working for rights of Sri Lankan people took up his case and wanted to take some action. In one of the informal meetings he organised on this issue the question was raised whether is thee a hospital record and police complaint made. Bosco disappeared without providing any answers. That was the end of attack on Bosco.

Bosco is not part of any of the Tamil Diaspora groups and he is not invited to any of the discussions on Sri Lanka organised by Human Rights Groups. He is a lonely operator.

Some time back another Tamil gentlemen living in France, who has been to Geneva HRC at least two decades published an article questioning this Bosco’s credentials. He produced a photograph of this Bosco attending a meeting with EPDP leader Devananda in Jaffna and taking photographs. It was alleged that the meeting was a pro-Rajapaksa Tamil Diaspora group who were visiting Sri Lanka.

In June 2014 Bosco brought 5 people from Vanni to Geneva to attend the HRC session. He booked rooms at the Palais des Nations for 4 side events to be held on Sri Lanka. Out of four, three had to be cancelled for reasons better known to him and Ananthi only. Only one side event was held, with less than 10 participants. Ananthi was the main speaker.

Bosco seems to be having enough resource to coordinate lots activities, including trips, accommodation etc..

During the September session of the UNHRC, the Human Rights High Commissioner attend a side event to interact with NGO participants. In September 2014 it was the new High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein who participated in the side event. After the side event was over he shook hands with everyone. Ananthi Sasitharan too lined up for the occasion. Bosco was ready with the camera. Then the photograph was published with the caption: Ananthi Sasitharan meets New High Commissioner!

Number of UN documents on Sri Lanka has stated that LTTE is responsible for crimes against humanity. All the resolutions passed by the UNHRC on Sri Lanka too have condemned the LTTE for such crimes.

Now Ananthi says that ‘’ “Maithripala Sirisena is associated with a genocide, is someone I will be calling to face justice at the UN. Therefore I cannot ask our people to vote for him.”

Very good!

She needs to get Bosco to invite her for the 2015 March session of UNHRC and campaign for her position.

Before taking others before the UN, Annathi needs to tell the world about her husband, who was a LTTE leader himself.

What is the Ananthi Sasitharn’s position on LTTE crimes against humanity? She is making much noise about others; shouldn’t she make her position public on LTTE crimes against humanity before that?

This is the acid test for the human rights defenders like Ananthi Sasitharan. They will call for accountability only from others not from LTTE.

Ananthi’s position of election boycott is her democratic right.

But it is not difficult to understand her position will be advantages to Rajapaksa regime.

During the Northen provincial council election Ananthi’s residence was stoned. A prominent women’s human rights defender was altered by some one  in Jaffna. She immediately called a sympathetic minister in Rajapkasa cabinet and pleaded to take some action. Few minutes later Minister called back and said ‘ Don’t worry, No harm will happened to her, I called the boss, We want her to get more votes’’

So it is time for Ananthi Sasitharn to pay back Rajapaksa.
– Sunanda


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