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Transactions you have secured through corruption will be cancelled, Sri Lanka MP writes to President Xi Jinping

SLPP MP Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has in a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping said any transactions that China enters into with Selendiva Investment Company will be annulled ab initio without any compensation.

In his 45-point letter, Rajapakshe has said that when the present administration ceases to hodl power, the people will call upon the new government to revisit all agreements and contracts entered with foreign nations during the last 15 years. If these agreements are not in compliance with best practices they can be cancelled.

Rajapakshe has also claimed that most of the projects carried out with Chinese funds have been wasteful and large commissions have been paid to the corrupt politicians and officials to secure such projects.

“Transactions you have secured through corruption will be cancelled and we hold no liability to pay back any loans obtained for such contracts. In the event of any restructuring, under no circumstances the period of any agreement will be permitted to exceed a period of 15 years from the date of the inception of such contracts,” he said.

The MP has said that China has assisted Sri Lanka greatly in the past decades in economic, military and diplomatic spheres, but that has changed in recent times.

“The longstanding relations of ours have turned into a different course since your country launched “One Belt-One Road” policy on the pretext of strengthening the foreign policy and economic strategy of China. It is manifestly visible that your friendship with us is no more genuine and candid; instead you use our relations to achieve your ambition of becoming the world power at the stake of lives of our innocent people. Further you are dismantling the peace in our region as well as in the world by making our nation the first victim of your power struggle with other nations of powers that be.”

Rajapakshe has said that since Sri Lanka has got close to China, other major powers in the world, too, are making various demands from Sri Lanka. “Moreover, due to our overreliance on China, other friendly nations have moved away from us, isolating the country in the international sphere.”

(The Island)

The letter:



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