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“Toy guns paraded as machine guns”; Oshala Herath exposes illegal behaviour of Sri Lanka police

Oshala Herath, the son of the retired doctor who was arrested in connection with the recovery of a hand grenade in a church in Borella, made a controversial statement regarding the weapons found by the police at their residence in Piliyandala.

The Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) had recovered several firearms and swords in the house of the retired doctor who was arrested in connection with the recovery of a hand grenade at the Borella All Saints’ Church.

The police had found four pistols, a revolver, two swords, a Rambo knife and an unidentified firearm from the residence in Piliyandala.

While holding a media briefing, Oshala Herath said that the Police came to his house on Monday and got all the mobile phones of his housemates and searched his house.

“We were told to go to the rooms. My father is a retired doctor and I had two pen drives and police took all the bank details and passwords of my computer,” he alleged.

He said the police did not give him any document stating that they had obtained the phones and other items.

“I saw in the media that police had found a stock of firearms and swords. But was my child’s toy ball shotgun and 4 of my air rifle guns were the only thing in the house. Among them were two swords which i had as souvenirs. Also a knife. I do not know if it was a Rambo knife,” he claimed.

“I had all these on cctv. But, an officer from Kirulapone police who came had forcibly broke in and took the CCTV data. He took a statement forcefully from my sister claiming that the footage was taken at our will,” he said.

He said the police had not given allowed him or his lawyers to see his father who was arrested.

“I have complained to the Human Rights Commission about the injustice done to me and I hope to take legal action in this regard,” he said. (DSB) DM

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