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To defend Buddhism we have brought an army; Begin a holy war – BBS Theme song

Fearsome hordes of demons have brought their armies and are upon us again
Dear Load Buddha who broke the strength of demons,
the dharma you gave us is under threat
The pinnacle of temple lies broken; the lams are gone out,
Buddhism lies in darkness.

It is now time to raise our riotous voice. Come, awaken my brothers. Let us awaken.
The dharma has been perverted, the words mangled.
The heathens have all united into one camp.
Various new age Buddhas have arrives, and Gautama Buddha lies in darkness.
If we tolerate this, Buddhism will be destroyed. Let us rise up and raise our rallying cry.
To defend Buddhism we have brought an army.
Bodu Bala Sena is on march.
This generation gives their whole life to the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha.
Great lion cubs it is time for you to awaken now,
gathering your whole race behind you.
Begin a holy war, completely pure, to destroy the rallying cry of unrighteous.
As long as the sun and moon exists we must protect the Dharma in the island.

– From the  Face Book of Sanjaya Senanayaka


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