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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

TNA urges all parties to work together to find a permanent resolution to the national question in 2019.

New Year Greetings.

My heartiest wishes for a Prosperous and a Happy New Year to all Sri Lankan citizens.

As we step into a new year I wish and pray that this new year brings hope and happiness to all the people in this Country. The past year has taught us many lessons through both positive and negative incidents. Let us take the learnings and make it a useful one to our lives and a fruitful one to the others.

In this New Year, let us not give in to the adversities that bring disunity and heartedness among our communities and stand firm against the extremists whose petty political aim is to divide the communities into Ethnic and Religious lines. Moreover, I pray that the affected communities will be provided with solutions to their longstanding issues in this New Year.

I appeal to all Political parties, Religious Leaders and Civil Society to come forward and  within a United, Undivided, Indivisible Sri Lanka on the basis of Justice and Equality.

Happy New Year

R Sampanthan

Leader – Tamil National Alliance 

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