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TNA sets out conditions for continuation of talks

The TNA said yesterday that they would not agree to set a date for the next round of talks with the government and that their willingness to continue participation in discussions with the government would be conditional, UPFA MP Sajin Vas De Gunawardane said in a statement.

After a meeting between the TNA delegation and the government delegation last night Mr. Gunawardane, who is the Secretary of this Committee, said that the TNA had put forward three conditions and insisted that, within a period of 10 days, the government delegation should inform the TNA in writing of its position on the following matters: (1). The structure of governance, (2). The subjects and functions allocated to the central government and the provincial councils and (3). Issues pertaining to fiscal and financial devolution.

Between meetings the Government has made every effort to discuss these complex issues, vital to the future of our nation, with all stakeholders in order to arrive at a consensus and in this way to build a foundation for a fair and durable solution, said Mr Gunawardane.

“It will be observed that these three areas, taken in combination, encompass almost the entirety of the Issues involved in the discussions between the SLFP, the main political party of the government and the TNA. It is certainly not possible, nor is it consistent with the national interest, to make a final pronouncement on all these crucial issues, hastily and without wider consultation, at this stage,” said Mr. Gunawardane in a statement.

“We do not think that the ultimatum delivered to the government by the TNA, which is tantamount to the attitude portrayed by the LTTE, is at all helpful or constructive for the purpose of carrying forward in a structured and methodical way a process which can reach a positive outcome only if it has the widest possible support among the public. It is this objective which the government has tried to achieve in its sustained discussions with varying shades of political opinion during the last few months,” he said.


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