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TNA MP blames Ampaa’rai politicians for allowing land grab

09 June 2011
All ministers and parliamentarians from the Ampaa’rai district seem to collaborate with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and they have no backbones to challenge the injustice done to Tamil and Muslim people based on ethnic, religious and language basis by the Colombo government,
said Mr. P. Selvarajah, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian representing the Batticaloa district, addressing a meeting in Kalmunai last week.

Tamils are being deprived of employment in their own provinces. The Colombo government is showing discrimination in implementation of regional development projects. Thousands of acres of lands belonged to Tamil people in the north and east are being forcibly taken over by members of the majority community after the war, the TNA MP said.

Tamil ministers in the central government and the Chief Minister of the eastern province are maintaining silence over such encroachment but extending their full co-operation to Mahinda Rajapakse and to hide government’s crime against Tamil speaking people, he further said.


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