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TNA is not for Tamil Ealam – Sumanthiran

The Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran has stated that the TNA did not stand for Tamil Eelam, and even the Tamils were against it.  Sumanthiran addressed a Seminar titled `Creating awareness to win the rights of the Tamils through Democratic means’.
The Seminar was organized by the TNA at the `Young Artistes Forum ‘Auditorium in Nallur, Jaffna on Sunday.
Sumanthiran in his speech said: The Tamil people did not want a separate Tamil Eelam as a solution to fulfill their political aspirations. Even at the last Parliamentary elections, the TNA did not include the demand for a separate state in its manifesto. Therefore, as a leading party in the North and East, the TNA is not for a separate state. But the party is looking forward to winning the rights of the Tamil people in the country through democratic means.
I do not want to play to the gallery. We expect a genuine political solution from this Government. If the Government fails to address the grievances of the Tamils, the international community will intervene to protect the rights of the Tamil community. 

The resolution passed in Geneva has highlighted the fact that the international community stands by the Tamil people. The world accepts the sovereignty of our race. The International community also recognizes the North and East as the traditional homeland of the Tamil people.

Commenting on the LLRC report, Sumanthiran said that though the TNA was not fully satisfied with the report, it felt that certain suggestions in the report could be implemented.
The LLRC report calls for measures to be taken to strengthen the reconciliation process. The report also addresses human rights concerns and the rule of law.

The LLRC report is clear that ignorance in solving the political problems of the Tamils in the island was the basic reason for the communal unrest in the country.

The Tamil National Alliance is not reluctant to take part in the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC). However, the Government should first of all agree on the issues taken up during the talks it had with the TNA.

The Seminar was well attended and representatives from the US Embassy in Colombo were also present.
(Ceylon Today online)


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