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TNA has rallied to promote terrorism in the Council. This is proof TNA are terrorists,” – Minister

Rallied to promote terrorism,Trying to destabilize country’s reconciliation process – Daily News
In passing numerous resolutions and adopting them in the Northern Provincial Council demanding the withdrawal of the ban imposed by Sri Lanka on foreign terrorist organizations and individuals that have links with the Tamil Diaspora, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) members have committed an act of gross treason under the Constitution, Public Administration and Home Affairs Minister W. D. J. Seneviratna said yesterday.

He was reacting to the adoption of resolutions by the TNA-led Northern Provincial Council on Monday seeking the withdrawal of the ban on 16 Tamil Diaspora organisations acting as LTTE fronts.
“They have rallied to promote terrorism in the Council. This is proof they are terrorists,” said Minister Seneviratna.
“The government took this decision to ban 16 Tamil Diaspora fronts, among them New York lawyer Visuvanathan Ruthirakumaran’s Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), Fr. S. J. Emmanuel’s Global Tamil Forum (GTF), Nadiyawan’s Tiger group, Canadian Tamil Congress and the UK-based British Tamil Forum(BTF), because they pose a clear threat to the country for they are on a mission to promote activities that would destabilize the country’s ongoing sensitive national reconciliation process,” he explained.
“These groups had direct connections with the LTTE in the past. They are now trying to promote the LTTE’s separatist Eelam agenda to revive terrorism in Sri Lanka.” They have launched massive disinformation campaigns against the government to achieve their sinister objectives,” he said.
“How can the Northern Provincial Councillors have the audacity to go as far as adopting resolutions in favour of these groups?” the minister asked.
” They too used to be supporters of the LTTE. Their actions clearly show they are promoting terrorism on the pretext that they are public representatives,” he added.
Monitoring MP for Mass Media A H M Azwar said, if any local group supports the sinister agenda of international pro – LTTE networks, it would be the Tamil National Alliance councilors because it is a fact that they have been LTTE proxies, except that they did not take to arms.
“They have crossed the line by going on to adopt resolutions against the center to favour those who they receive funds from.
How can they adopt resolutions demanding for the withdrawal of the ban on foreign terrorist organizations which have been proscribed by a legitimate government on behalf of a nation?” he asked.
“The Northern Provincial Councilors are led by Chief Minister C. V. Vigneswaran, who was a former Supreme Court Judge,” said Azwar.
“He should know the gravity of the issue. One can also ask oneself whether he has lost control of the Northern Provincial Council. He is supposed to lead his people. It appears he is being led by those members around him.”
“It is also possible that Chief Minister Vigneswaran too has fallen in line with those imperialist forces backed up by Tamil Diaspora groups that are trying to destabilize the country and revive terrorism,” he said.

Courtesy : Daily News


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