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TNA for a political solution within the framework of a united and undivided Sri Lanka

TNA Leader denies reports of a rift 
TNA Leader, R. Sampanthan, has denied reports of a split within the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). Speaking at the S.J.V. Chelvanayagam memorial event on Friday (26), he said: “There is much speculation in the media, some of which is unfortunately mischievous, in regard to dissension within the TNA.
I wish to categorically say there is no dissension whatsoever, within the TNA on any matter of policy, pertaining to the future of the Tamil people. Every constituent party of the TNA is committed to work in unity, towards a future for the Tamil people marked by equality, self respect, dignity and the fulfilment of their legitimate aspirations.”

He added, the written submissions made by the TNA for a political solution, which had been rejected by the government were within the framework of a united and undivided Sri Lanka.

The proposals are in consonance with proposals made under the auspices of successive governments including the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government, he stressed, charging that though the government had agreed in March 2011 to respond in writing to the proposals of the TNA, the government has up to date failed to do so.

An agreement arrived at between the government and the TNA with regard to the structure and the process relating to the talks had been recorded in the minutes of the said bilateral talks. The TNA had never deviated from the said agreements.

“The government defaulted in attending bilateral talks fixed for the 17, 18 and 19 January 2012, in violation of the said agreements,” he said, adding the government has not reacted positively to efforts to overcome the impasse.

“The government’s biggest impediment is it does not speak with one voice and the voices of those who speak in public in the name of the government, are generally negative,” he said, adding the government was solely responsible for the current stalemate on the talks.


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