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Sunday, April 14, 2024

TNA faults both govt. and LTTE

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says that both the security forces and the LTTE were responsible for civilian casualties during the final phase of the war.

During an interview in Sinhala with a private television channel on Monday, TNA parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran found fault with the government troops for launching their final military thrust before the civilians (who had been trapped in the war theatre) could leave the area. He also said that the LTTE was responsible for the tragedy as they did not let the civilians trapped with them in the Mullaitivu District go to government controlled areas.

The TNA’S position was that the excesses committed by both sides during the final phase of the war should be investigated, Sumanthiran said.

The MP stated that he had written to the government as well as to the LTTE during the final days of the war requesting the former to wait until the civilians moved to government held areas and requesting the latter to release the civilians.

He complained that both sides had ignored his requests and this had ultimately resulted in a tragedy.

Mr. Sumanthiran acknowledged the right of the State to counter any violent rebellion against it but stressed the need to address the root causes of the uprising at the same time.

The TNA had never accepted the LTTE as the sole representative, of the Tamil people, he said; and added that he did not accept the notion that problems could be solved through violent means



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