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TNA appeals to Russia, China

24 May 2011 / By Kelum Bandara
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will request Russia and China to urge the Sri Lankan government to work out a long lasting political solution to the national question, parliamentarian and party media spokesman Suresh Premachandran said yesterday.

Russia and China supported Sri Lanka in its war against terrorism and as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, had at the time thwarted an attempt to bring a resolution against Sri Lanka.

Mr. Premachandran said his party had sought meetings in Colombo with the ambassadors of these two countries.

“First, we will meet the Chinese and Russian diplomats based in Colombo. Later, if invited, we are ready to visit these countries. These are the countries that backed the war. In the post war period, there are issues that need to be addressed. We will brief them on all those matters,” he said and added that some months ago two TNA representatives visited China to study its foreign policy.

When asked whether the TNA would meet Indian leaders any time soon, Mr. Premachandran said no such meeting had been planned yet.


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