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Tip Of The Iceberg Of Corruption Under Rajapaksa Rule

A civic group ‘Democracy Sri Lanka ‘ has put tether few mage corruption deals that has taken place under the Rajapaksa rule.This is just a tip of the iceberg of rampant corruption that has taken place in Sri Lanka during the recent yeas.

1. The cost per kilometer of the Outer Circular Highway from Kadawatha to Kerawalapitiya financed by China is US$ 56 million(Rs.7.3billion) This cost is three times higher than the Kottawa Kaduwela extension of the Southern Highway financed by Japan ,which is Rs.2.4 billion per kilometer.

2. The cost per kilometer of Extension of the Southern Highway from Mattala to Hambantota will cost Rs.2.14billion, whereas per kilometer cost of the Southern Highway cost only Rs.975millions.

3. Bid price of A9 road was Rs.140 million per kilometer when the departmental estimate for an A class road was Rs. 20million.

4. Construction of the Norachchole Coal Power Project was awarded to a well established Chinese contractor at US$280 million in 2005 by the previous regime. Soon after present regime came into power it cancelled the contract and awarded it to another inexperienced Chinese firm at US$520 million-almost double the previous price.

5. On a dispute between Essential Services Commissioner and Asset Maritime(Pvt) Ltd arbitrator-a retired High Court Judge awarded Rs.600,000 as compensation to the company. A Committee appointed by the President on the intervention of the First Lady awarded Rs.180 million to this company owned by Dhammika Perera and Nishantha Wickramasinghe- latter being a brother of First Lady.

6. Due to the ill conceived Hedging deal of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation headed by Asantha de Mel ( a person connected to the political establishment) lost Rs. 230 billion in2007.. No one has been held accountable for fr huge loss of public funds.

7. Due to the mismanagement of Chairman Nishantha wickramasinghe, who is First Lady’s brother, Sri Lankan Airlines has lost around Rs.70 billion.!

8. Mihin Air managed by Sajin Vaas Gunawardene lost Rs.1.455 billion in 2011 and in2012 the Government invested Rs.3004 billion as capital in this loss-making venture to support a close political ally..
Compiled by Democracy Sri Lanka


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