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Tigers return from India on a destabilization mission – SL intelligence

Three arrested, others at large
State intelligence services have received information that around 150 terrorists who underwent a special arms training at three secret camps in Tamil Nadu, have returned to Sri Lanka and are hiding in the North and the East to carry out a destablisation campaign.

Their target was to sabotage and disrupt the on-going reconciliation process by creating trouble in those areas, police sources said. Their activities came to light when three LTTE cadres taken into the custody after an Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) member was hacked to death in the Trincomalee were interrogated. The suspects said they had fled to India after the LTTE’s defeat and followed refresher military courses in secret locations in Tamil Nadu before returning to Sri Lanka, disguised as fishermen to conduct clandestine operations in the North and the East. The intelligence services suspect that they may have been behind several killings reported from the North and the East.

As the LTTE links of the three suspects were established, they had been handed over to the Terrorist Investigation Department, sources said.

Near the body of slain EPDP member, a leaflet had been left and it read: “Death to traitors. We have come back – LTTE.”

by Hemantha Randunu


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