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TID probes new LTTE propaganda campaign, Using mobile phones and memory cards

The Terrorist Investigations Division (TID) is currently probing into LTTE operatives who have launched a fresh propaganda campaign within the country, via the use of mobile phones and phone memory cards.
Sources from the TID confirmed to Ceylon Today, that the current focus of the investigation comes in the light of recent interrogations of former LTTE cadres, who were responsible for the Vavuniya Prison hostage crisis last month.
It is learnt, that the hostage drama in the Vavuniya Prison, where LTTE detainees had held three prison guards hostage, was intended to draw the attention of the international community.
A senior official from the TID said the hostage drama which unfolded after a hunger strike launched by the former LTTE cadres, was orchestrated to coincide with the visit of Indian National Security Advisor, Shiva Shankar Menon who arrived in the country on 28 June.

 “After extensive interrogation of the former LTTE cadres held at the Vavuniya Prison, our officers found out that they were making attempts to achieve a reaction from India. Our investigations have revealed that they were trying to make their detention an issue when the Indian National Security Advisor visited the country last month. However, they failed in their attempt,” he said.

Previously, details of the current propaganda modus operandi of the LTTE were revealed in the light of the State Intelligence Service (SIS) receiving details of certain operatives who were in touch with LTTE front organizations overseas.

 Based on intelligence that had been gathered on the recent LTTE propaganda attempts, the Terrorist Investigations Unit of the Muttur Police, yesterday arrested two suspected LTTE combatants for possessing Tiger propaganda material which was stored in a memory chip of a mobile phone.
Investigations had revealed that the duo had been storing LTTE war footage to be sent overseas as part of their anti-Sri Lanka propaganda in Western countries.
Mutur Police are currently on the hunt for more suspects believed to be behind the circulation of LTTE propaganda material.


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