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Three policemen interdicted Gamblers shot in Dankotuwa

Police headquarters has launched an inquiry into the circumstances which led to the police opening fire on a group of gamblers during a raid in the Dankotuwa police area last Sunday afternoon.

One person who was wounded in police shooting is recuperating at the Negombo District General Hospital. Following an initial inquiry, the police interdicted an Inspector, constable and police driver pending further investigation.

Asked whether the gamblers had resisted arrest, the police said that the suspects had made an attempt to get away as the police squad approached them. Some of those in the raiding party had fired at the suspects without specific instructions, sources said.

Police headquarters said that the police party tasked with the raid hadn’t been properly briefed. Dankotuwa police produced three gamblers before a local Magistrate, who released them on bail.

The police alleged that the suspects had resisted arrest and attacked the police party, warranting action in self-defence.

By Norman Palihawadana


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