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Three of Baratha murders have been already killed , President Rajapaksha told Hirunika

President holds out veiled threat to late Bharatha’s daughter –flees country in fear
Lanka-e-News  The Regime chief Mahinda Rajapakse has held out illicit veiled threats to the grieving widow and daughter of late Bharatha Lakshman who was murdered allegedly by kudu (drugs) Duminda recently.

When the post mortem was being held some days ago , the daughter of Bharatha had told the media that the prime suspect in these murders, Duminda Silva is in Hospital and is free ; and that even the Magistrate had been denied the opportunity to make an evaluation in Hospital which is a mandatory requirement in this connection.

The Regime Chief who had been infuriated at these remarks had taken a phone call to Bharatha’s daughter and asked , ‘ What are you trying to do , Hirunika?’. ‘Are you trying to cause my Govt. to fall?’ ‘Three of those involved in the killing of your father had been murdered by now.’, the President had told. ‘ Don’t talk unnecessary things’ , the President has thundered at Hirunika. The latter who had obviously got frightened , had left the Island soon after citing security grounds.

Assainated Bharatha’s daughter Hirunika Premachandra revealed this to LeN



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