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Thousands of SL troops round up resettled villages in Jaffna, Mullaiththeevu

Thousands of occupying troops of Sri Lanka Army rounded up the village Uduththu’rai in Vadamaraadchi East and are engaged in search operation since Thursday early morning. A similar operation is simultaneously being undertaken in Mullaiththeevu also. Vanni IDPs were recently resettled in both the places. The operation is said to be following an alleged incident in which some SL troops who went on a boat are missing in the sea and only their boat came ashore.

The SL troops came in armoured vehicles rounded up the entire coastal area.

No one from the village Uduththu’rai was allowed to go out and outsiders were not permitted inside since Thursday morning.

The military entered into every household and was engaged in checking the inmates and registration documents.

While people who came from Vanni and resettled are being investigated, large number of workers and officials who had gone there for rehabilitation and construction work are being separated and are taken by the SL Army for special enquiries.

The war-like operation has evoked terror in the minds of the people in the north.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Navy sources in Colombo said that four SL Navy personal were missing in the sea between Chaalai and Chu’ndikku’lam in the Vadamaraadchi East.

The SL Navy said that its personnel were missing while returning to Chu’ndikku’lam Wednesday morning. The SL Navy has asked the help of the Indian Navy to locate its missing troops.



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