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Monday, February 26, 2024

Thinakural’ newspaper sacks employees

Twenty three journalists and typesetters have been sacked by Thinakural newspaper, ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ learns.
 Their removal today (Sept. 14) follows directors of Thinakural’s publisher Thinakural Publications Pvt. Ltd. selling the entity to Asian Media Publications Pvt. Ltd. which publishes Weerakesari.
 The new owner had pressurized ‘Thinakural’ employees to hand over their resignations to the predecessor by yesterday (Sept. 13), and obtain fresh appointment letters.

 They had disagreed, since there will be a break in their service.

 Those who had refused to tender resignations were not allowed to enter the workplace today.

 They have now lodged a complaint with Modera Police and also sought assistance from the Ministry of Labour



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