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THE UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL RESOLUTION ON SRILANKA – Letter to Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hj Abdul hadi Awang

Dear Wise Leaders,
Good Day to you all.
It is coming close to 3 years since the bloody civil war in SriLanka ended. I am sure you are aware – that war was a colossal humanitarian disaster. Several tens of thousand innocent human lives were lost. Attempts are being made by the International community to encourage the Government of SriLanka to facilitate speedy reparation and restoration of the human conditions so that the minority.
Tamils who live in the war zone and who were devastated by the war may get back on their feet and continue a life of peace, of justice and of dignity.

The SriLankan Government is party to several Human Rights Treaties which require it to investigate alleged violations of humanitarian and human rights laws and prosecute those responsible. The Government of SriLanka set up a Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) as a cornerstone of its policy to address its war past. The LLRC report was published November 2011. Even though the report fails to satisfy key international standards of independence and impartiality it still offers a glimpse of hope for those affected by the conflict and sets in motion appropriate steps that could assist in long term peace and reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka.

SriLanka does not seem to be showing the necessary political will to speedily and completely implement the recommendations of the Commission. As a result some concerned members of the international community are moving a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in the next few days calling upon the Government of SriLanka to move positively on the recommendations of the LLRC report. The resolution calls for Government of Sri Lanka to implement the constructive recommendations in the LLRC, present a comprehensive action plan as expeditiously as possible, and for the UNHRC to present a report to the Council on the status at its twenty-second session in 2013 March.

Malaysia is a member pf the 47 member UNHRC that is deliberating on the matter. It has come to our attention that the Government of Malaysia will not be supporting this resolution. Any country that believes in the fundamental rights of its citizens should be supporting this resolution. Malaysia is choosing not to. Further, Malaysia has a substantial minority community and it has a moral obligations to its own minorities and actions on matters like this echoes significantly with its minorities.. This Government by making this choice, effectively is sending out a message to the minority communities in this country that minority rights and interests are of little consequence to them.

We have very serious concerns about this

This resolution, in any case is more than politically necessary, it is morally necessary. This is an initiative to correct a past, where humanity has gone terribly wrong. And there is an urgent need to create conditions where the SriLankan Tamil minority can return to a degree of normalcy in their lives without further delay and to resume lives of dignity, self-respect and equal constitutional status on par with the rest of SriLanka. Otherwise it amounts to no more than another episode of ethnic cleansing. And there is potential for echoing analogies in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government is taking this position because of their projected need for reciprocal support when they have to face up to the international community for the crimes they are committing against the minorities in the country presently.

We, from Hindraf who represent the aggrieved Indian marginalized minority in Malaysia, now beseech you, wise leaders, to make a public statement and call for the Malaysian Government to support the resolution requiring accountability for SriLanka to carry out its moral obligations to the minority Tamils in SriLanka. In doing this, you will also clarify your position on this matter with respect to the minorities in Malaysia and distinguish yourself from the self serving and immoral position of UMNO.

If you have a belief in morality in government and if you want to project that, to all the people of Malaysia, this is an opportunity for you to do that. Can you or will you rise to this challenge?

We look forward to your public statements.

Thank You and Best Regards

15A Jalan Perai Jaya 5
Perai, Penang
9th March 2012

e-mail: [email protected]


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