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The TNA is Deeply Shocked & Regrets Over Clashes in Jaffna University

( Students clash in Jaffna University)

17.07.2016 /Press Statement

The Tamil National Alliance is deeply shocked to learn of the clashes that took place at the University of Jaffna on Saturday 16.07.2015. We regret that several students have sustained injuries and that the Sinhala students had to be evacuated from the University and Jaffna as a precautionary measure.

The TNA appeals to all students not to permit any recurrence of such incidents or anything that will hinder genuine reconciliation amongst communities in our country.

Whilst inviting the students who have been evacuated to return to Jaffna, we urge the other students who remain to welcome them and assure them of their safety as they resume their studies.

We call upon the students and the authorities to work together in creating the right conditions for students from different backgrounds to live and study together in the University of Jaffna in the future.



Tamil National Alliance


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