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The Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka opposes appointment of Attorney at Law as a Judge

The Organisation of Professional Associations (OPA) fully endorses the views expressed by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) over the proposed appointment of an Attorney-at-law as a Judge of the Supreme Court. OPA extends its fullest support to the BASL in whatever action that BASL may take to oppose the said appointment. OpA notes that there are senior Judges of the Court of Appeal and senior officers of the Attorney General,s Department who are aptly qualified, suitable, independent and impartial, to be appointed to the highest Court in the Island and the proposal to appoint a junior Attorney-at-law for political expediency will further deteriorate the confidence and faith of the people in the judiciary.

OPA which has consistently opposed the 18th Amendment to the Constitution notes that the present appointment further proves the evils inherent in the said Amendment and calls upon all political parties, civil organizations and people to initiate positive actions to seek the total repeal of the said Amendment.
 President,  Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka  
About the OPA

  The Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka was established in 1974, with several professional bodies mooting the idea of a joint professional body, to cater to the country’s growing need of professional opinion.
 The process was carried forward under the aegis of the Commonwealth Foundation based in UK which is an intergovernmental Organisation established by the Commonwealth Heads of Government in 1965,in order to have a joint voice in areas of economics, politics and policy.


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