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The fire at ‘Muhudu Maha’ Viharaya in Pothuvil: JHU blames muslims

The sudden fire which had broken out at the ‘Muhudu Maha’ Viharaya may be the work of saboteurs and not a natural fire has added the Jathika Hela Urumaya.
The Jathika Hela Urumaya’s media spokesman Nishantha Warnasinghe had issued a notice in this regard under his signature.

There is a certain amount of doubt about the fire that had broken out at the historical Potuwil ‘Muhudu Maha’ Viharaya it has been emphasised. The suspicion has been because that the Muslim principles had been focussing attention on the historical ancient ‘Muhudu Maha’ Viharaya for quite some time.

It had also been found that certain constructions of high archaeological value had been removed from the premises of the ‘Muhudu Maha, while some have been damaged. Some of the lands owned by the Viharaya premises have been acquired by force. In addition the Bikkhus who were living in the ‘Muhudu Maha’ Viharaya had been harmed and even devotees who visit the Viharaya also had been harassed.

Owing to the above reasons there is sufficient doubt that Muslims may have made this fire at the ‘Muhudu Maha’ Viharaya the media spokesman of the Jathika Hela Urumaya had disclosed.

It is also learnt that the rock posts and moonstones have been removed and they had been used for their domestic purposes like washing clothes. Hence was the fire a natural one or  was it burnt.
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